Jake Flumerfelt- Owner and Chief Pilot- ATP CFI CFII MEI A&P

Jake’s passion for aviation began early on, when his father took him on his first discovery flight. From that moment, he knew he was meant to fly. To realize his dream, Jake earned his Bachelor in Science in Aviation Fight Science from Western Michigan University, as well as a Mechanic Certificate in Aviation Maintenance from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. After earning his Graduate Certificate, Jake accepted a position as a Training Center Evaluator at Embry-Riddle, where he tested students in lieu of a FAA DPE. Currently, Jake is a Captain of the Airbus 320 for Allegiant Air, based in Punta Gorda, FL. With approximately 4500 hours dual given and nearly 10,000 flight time, Jake’s experience and knowledge as a flight instructor, as well as type ratings in the A320, DC-9, and EMB-145, coupled with his desire to help others, provides the wisdom that new pilots need to become successful and seasoned. In Jake’s spare time, he has attained the follow credentials: Certified Financial Technician, Chartered Market Technician and Series 57 Financial License. Jake resides in Punta Gorda with his 3 amazing children: Cole, Micah and Hayden. His other passions include track racing street motorcycles, skydiving, kiteboarding, boating, fishing, and being out on the water any chance he gets.
Andy Pearson- ATP CFI CFII MEI

Andy Pearson is a Gold Seal CFI, CFI-I, MEI, AGI, ATP with type ratings in the CRJ and A320. He has been flying for close to 20 years starting in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois. Since then he has trained at some of the best schools in the country in North Dakota, Virginia, and Southwest Florida. Before being an airline pilot, he flew aerobatics in Northern Virginia and spent time instructing and evaluating. Now that his goal of being an airline pilot has been reached, he wants to share his knowledge and expertise with others coming into the industry. Andy is married with twins and lives in Fort Myers.
Dave Lawernce- ATP CFI

Dave began flying twenty-five years ago at a small, non-towered field in Southeastern Massachusetts. At the time it was a just a curiosity but quickly developed into a lifelong passion. Dave has owned several small aircraft over the years obtaining additional licenses and ratings along the way including ATP and CFI. Dave has many memorable flights including flying across this beautiful country in small planes and flying the VFR corridor in New York City. But some of the most memorable and gratifying flights, Dave explains, are those with his students’ achieving milestones in their own personal journeys. Dave recently relocated to Southwest Florida and joined the Harborside Aviation team. Weather you aspire to be a private pilot for the occasional weekend pleasure flight or fly for the airlines, your journey begins in the same way. Come meet Dave, the other Harborside Aviation team members, and begin your personal journey. Have fun and fly safe.
Claire Chaney, Sr. Office Manager

Claire Chaney is the Senior Office Manager, as well as a student pilot working on her private pilot’s license. She has been flying since she was fourteen years old and has a passion for aviation. She is working towards a career in the airlines. Claire runs all office functions for the school, she likes to be immersed in the culture and the logistics of what it takes to run an aviation-related company. Claire’s hobbies include real estate, music, and rock climbing.
Mike Kennedy- CFI CFII Dispatch License

Hi, My name is Michael Kennedy. I attended Lewis University in Romeoville, IL where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Flight Management, majoring in Flight while having a double minor in Aircraft Dispatch and Airport Management. I am a Certified Flight Instructor who holds a Commercial Pilot’s License. I started flying at 25 years old and love being in the air. I have always loved aviation and planes–I ended up following my childhood dreams of becoming a pilot after attending nursing school at FSW and realizing it wasn’t for me. I am very easy going and laid back, and when I am not up in the air flying, you can catch me out boating or at the beaches. I love teaching and passing on my knowledge to other aspiring pilots. Fun fact about myself: I earned two FAA certificates in one month. My goal is to fly for Southwest Airlines one day; in the meantime, I look forward to collaborating with aspiring pilots as I work to earn my master’s degree starting in the fall.
Marcos Santana- CFI CFII AMP

A little about me, I’m thirty-six years old, from the Dominican Republic. Married and have three children, Ocean lover who enjoys fishing, snorkeling, and jet skis. I love to travel and enjoy trying new foods; my favorite would have to be Japanese food and Pizza, always Pizza. I am also passionate about performance race cars like formula 1 and Japanese imported performance cars. I started my aviation career at a young age, driven by a love for jetliners; I became an international flight attendant at 20 years of age for a Charter airline. After seeing the world for a couple of years as a flight attendant I decided to go after my dream of becoming a pilot in 2017 and began training for my PPL in a 1958 Cessna 175 that I rescued from an abandoned grass strip. In 2020 I Earned my private pilot certificate and from there continued to earn all my certificates. In a year, I completed my IR, CPL, CFI, and multi-engine rating, all while working as an apprentice for an aviation shop and in 2022 I earned my AMP certificate. After reaching my goal as AMP and multiple pilot certificates and ratings, I decided to further work on my pilot training, and in search of more job opportunities in the aviation industry, relocate to Florida where there are more aviation job opportunities to Instruct as a CFI. I currently work for Allegiant as an AMT but my long-term goal is to be an airline pilot and to continue to inspire and develop young pilots to become professional airline pilots themselves.
Jim George- ATP CFI CFII

Shannon Flumerfelt- PhD, COO, Owner Charactership Lean Consulting Inc.

Shannon Flumerfelt, Ph.D. is Lean Black Belt and serves an international consultant in the use lean for all aspects of organizational improvement and success. As the Founder of Charactership Lean Consulting, Shannon has helped organizations in all sectors get to higher standards of quality and efficiency. She also serves as an Endowed Professor of Lean, Pawley Lean Institute and Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. She is an accomplished coach, presenter and author, with engagements from the Shingo Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institutes of Research and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronomics. Her recent books include: Lean Essentials for School Leaders, Transforming the Way We Do Business: Lean Essential for School Leaders, Lean Engineering Education, Lean Education: An Overview of Current Issues, Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Complex Systems and Complex Systems Engineering: Theory and Practice. As the COO, Shannon works to ensure effective systems and processes so that clients and students enjoy an outstanding aviation experience.
Shannon Flumerfelt - COO, Bill Flumerfelt- Plant Manager

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