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You can be trained by the experts at Harborside Aviation. As the senior flight school tenant on the Punta Gorda Airfield, Harborside offers a variety of services including, Flight Training, Ground School and Discovery Flights.

Harborside Aviation is owned and operated as a family business by an active Airbus 320 Captain, Jake Flumerfelt. As a successful commercial captain, with flight experience at multiple major aviation university’s including Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, you will gain quality outcomes for examinations and check rides.

Are you looking for an accelerated course to prepare you for a career in the airlines? Please call us or email us. Financing pptions available

Or would you like to fly as a hobby? We offer that too! Train at your own pace with our qualified and friendly instructors.

Harborside Aviation Has It All
Pilot Training and Flight Time Aircraft Rental with Flight Training Aviation Fun

Do you want to become an airline candidate? Do you need flight time or instruction? Are you a person who wants to fly for fun? Are a private pilot needing to rent a plane with additional flight training? Are you an aviation fan looking for a place to enjoy colleagues? Harborside Aviation is for you! .

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Educated by The Expert's

Harborside Aviation flight instructor core has over 110,000 hours of combined flight experience. The Chief Pilot is an active Airbus 320 Captain for Allegaint Air based out of PGD. We offer faculty at your level, ranging from current and retired airline Captains and First Officers, ATP qualified flight instructors, and CFI/CFII instructors breaking into the industry.

Rental Rates:

Discovery Flight = $199 plus tax wet

Cessna 172= $204/hour with training

Flight Training = $279/hour wet

Ground Instruction = $75/hour

Competitive Finance Options Available!

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Flight Training

Zero to Hero

Financing Available

Aircraft Rental

Charlotte County Airport

Runway 04-22 7200 x 150 feet, Runway 15-33 4,743 x 150 feet, Runway 09-27 2,600 x 60 feet Lighted Runway
Overnight Tie-downs Available, Rental Cars and Taxis Available, No Landing Fee!
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